Think Tank & Editorial

Changing practices & anticipating uses

Open Creative Thinking methodology

Think Tank & Communities

Establish a Think Tank:

  • Setting up a thinking group with customers to identify the vision, innovations and ideas that will shape tomorrow reality
  • Keynotes speaker and facilitator

Practices & Serious gaming

Think out of the box:

  • Practices & Serious gaming
  • Experimentation


Publish high added value content:

  • White papers
  • Bylined articles
  • Infographies

Design Thinking workshops

Mobilize collective intelligence
Open Design Thinking methodology

Design Thinking methodology

Understand Design Thinking :

  • Agile methods foundation
  • Design Thinking steps
  • Experimentation

Serious games

Facilitate collaboration with the serious gaming:

  • LEGO® workshops
  • Remember the future
  • Speed boat
  • Spider game


Practice Design Thinking in your organization:

  • Empathise: Understand & observe
  • Define: Share ideas
  • Ideate: Propose news ideas
  • Prototype: Do a prototype
  • Test:  Test and learn

Establish a Lab

Collaborate and create value with customers
Open Creative Thinking methodology

Identify & involve

Identify talents and involve ecosystem:

  • Talents inside: collabor’actor culture
  • Ecosystem development: user’actor culture


Collaborative workshops:

  • using company knowledge
  • sharing customers uses and practices

Value proposition

Propose and co-create high value-added solutions:

  • Define new offers and value proposition
  • Create innovative solutions
  • Experiment

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